How To Effectively Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids With Natural Remedies

Hemorrhoids results when the lower rectum or anus veins become swollen after being subjected to more than the normal pressure. They affect both men and women at a point in their lifetime and can be formed either internally or externally around the anus part. Internal hemorrhoids are characterized by itching and existence of a strange lump on the anus while on the other hand, people suffering from external hemorrhoids feel a lot of pain in the anus area as well as bleeding. They are mostly caused by constipation, pregnancy and straining when passing stool. The first signs of hemorrhoids are the appearance of spots of blood on the tissue paper and experiencing extreme pain during bowel movement. Fortunately, there are several natural ways to cure this predicament which include;

Using an ice pack to soothe the inflammation
Many people have confessed that their hemorrhoids shrank by a great deal after using a cold compress such as an ice pack for some days. Roll the ice pack with a piece of cloth and place it on the affected area. The cooling effect works instantly to relieve the pain and itching, especially when dealing with external hemorrhoids. It is important to use a clean cloth to avoid contaminating the already ailing area. The hemorrhoids decrease in size, thus making it more comfortable to pass stool.

Soaking in warm water 
If ice is not readily available, there is no cause to panic. Immerse the swollen area in a bath tub containing warm water for some few minutes. The warm water makes the blood veins to relax, thus relieving the severe pain and itching. Once done, dry yourself out by wiping gently with a wet towel to avoid upsetting the affected area which can cause pain again. This action makes you feel more comfortable as well as reducing the hemorrhoids fast.

Take plenty of water
Dehydration is a major contributor to hemorrhoids since it leads to constipation. The recommended water intake per day is at least eight glasses. Not taking enough water may intensify the hemorrhoids, resulting in unwarranted bleeding and severe pain when passing stool. Take a lot of water to soften stools thus reducing the pain experienced during a bowel movement. You can make it a point of accompanying each meal with a glass of water each day, and in the end, you will effectively get rid of hemorrhoids.

Use natural oils
Natural oils such as olive contain anti inflammatory features which help to minimize discomfort. Also, olive oil increases the flexibility of the blood veins enabling them to withstand any added pressure. Take little amounts of olive oil regularly to enhance smooth movement of the bowel. This will prevent straining when passing stool, thus helping to shrink the hemorrhoids with a lot of ease. The tell tale signs of shrinking hemorrhoids are less itching and more comfort when passing bowel or sitting down. Most importantly, remember to use natural oils only as these have no side effects.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice has been proven to cure many conditions, hemorrhoids being one of them mainly because of the antioxidants found in the lemon fruit. Cut the lemon in pieces and apply it directly on the swollen area. This may cause some irritation, but the effort is worth the results. You can also drink a mixture of lemon juice combined with ginger and honey daily. It will help to reduce the inflammation of the veins, in addition to consuming more of the nutritional contents of the fruit.

Avoid using rough tissues to wipe the area
Discontinue using rough tissues to clean the affected area.This is because the rough tissues continue to irritate the hemorrhoids and do not give them time to heal. It might be the reason your hemorrhoids are not disappearing even after trying several methods. Preferably, use moist and soft tissue papers or wipes until you are completely healed. Also, stop using soap when cleaning since it tends to worsen the hemorrhoids.

Most people worry after learning that they are suffering from hemorrhoids. This should not be the case as there are effective natural ways of eliminating these swollen veins permanently without using up your savings for treatment.Choose a remedy that is most convenient for you. More importantly, make sure to keep dehydrated, increase your fiber intake and exercise regularly as measures of preventing recurrence of hemorrhoids in future.

Other natural remedies include: